4 Monaten ago
Kirsten & Jan Nielsen Denmark

We had talked about buying a house in Spain since 2018. We had been to the Costa del Sol before, but in 2018 we turned towards buying on the Costa Blanca. We were down there a couple of times in 2018 to look at different areas, and the second time we got in contact with Homes-abroad.

When we arrived at our rented apartment, we called Homes-abroad, and made an appointment with an employee who then came and picked us up the next day.
We looked at different options and areas and got to see a few houses as well. It was absolutely amazing, almost a whole day we had with the broker and there was absolutely no pressure on.

After a week’s vacation we traveled to Denmark again. Then we started a little more seriously trying to pick out some properties. For the rest of 2018 and the start of 2019, we looked at properties online. The whole time we were in constant contact with Homes-abroad, and got a lot of help and guidance.

In May 2019, we had decided that we would buy a house in the area around Villamartin. We made a list with 15 different houses together with homes-abroad, and when we arrived in the Costa Blanca for a rented apartment, in which they helped a lot in the practical (language), and especially when we had problems with getting the deposit back, they also got it done.

Well, but we had to look at houses, for the whole two days we were picked up and drove around to see, and when we were done we just took a day of thinking.
Then we had a selection of three houses that we would like to see again. We called Homes-Abroad, which picked us up and we saw the three houses again. We ended up deciding on a Quad-House in Villamartin.

Before returning home, we were together with Homes-abroad at the Notary, to get a proxy for our lawyer, who we became recommended by Homes-abroad and everything worked perfectly.
Spanish Bank we were also recommended and the day before traveling home, we put our signatures on a final note.

Throughout the course, we have been in close contact with Homes-abroad and we have received fantastic help and service, even with things that had nothing to do with buying a property.

We can highly recommend Homes-abroad and would use them again if needed.

Kirsten and Jan Nielsen

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